How to book consultation & what is the process of booking?

1.  Visit the shop section of my website and select your desired consultation.

2. Place the order of the chosen consultation.

3. Once you have placed the order then you have to check your email regularly until you receive your final consultation report because in the meantime I might ask you certain questions via email relevant for doing the consultation and for verifying the accuracy of prediction, so you have to answer them in yes or no and then I will finally send you the complete consultation report within specified time period. If there will be delay in answering the questions on your part then final consultation report might get delayed accordingly.

NOTE- For $USD Shop customers, You will receive an email from me asking for birth and other details after placing the order. For INR shop customers all required details are already embedded in the form filled while placing the order.

What categories of consultations are available?

There are 6 types of consultations available, which are self explanatory by their names-

  • Career/Education/Profession
  • Business/Finance
  • Marriage/Relationship
  • Child Birth
  • Health
  • Spiritual Life

In how much time will you get your consultation report?

USD Orders

  • Through mode 1 i.e. through Video/Phone call it takes around 18-24 days from the date of receiving the horoscope details.
  • Through mode 2 i.e. in Recorded Video format it takes around 25-30 days from the date of receiving the horoscope details.

INR Orders

  • Phone call consultation:– 18-25 days from the date of placement of order.

All orders are handled in chronological order, i.e. “first come first serve”. Once you have placed your order, do not worry at all, I will get back to you. I give each one of my clients proper time & attention, I promise “no compromise” in quality of service.

Disclaimer:– Due to large number of consultations, an extra time period of 2-5 days may be needed sometimes. So please be patient as I don’t do them in hurry & comment only after doing proper study of horoscope. 🙂

What do you get in consultation?

A Software Generated PDF Report containing all your charts, dashas and other basic details, a detailed analysis of your horoscope done by me including relevant remedies.

USD orders will get the consultation through a Video/Audio call through Google meet or in form of a recorded video by made by me sent via mail. It’s upto the customer to select the mode of consultation, as per his/her desire.

INR orders will be the consultation over phone & recording will be sent over mail, after the consultation.

What remedies do I suggest?

I tell a combination of practical & religious remedies. The remedies told are specifically according to the person’s horoscope & not general ones. By practical remedies I mean, what decisions to take or what activities to do in future, which can be most suitable according to the given planetary placements, ongoing & upcoming dashas of the person. Religious remedies are not specifically inclined towards any religion & can be followed by people of any religion. They involve activities like donating & worshiping the almighty, the GOD.

Note– Remedies are effective only when followed with dedication, punctuality & without any motive of self interest. They work only if they are followed ‘truly’, they should not be followed as means of fulfilling the desires. Also, remedies can be very helpful in reducing the ill effects of planet or a planetary combination but they can’t completely eradicate them.

Do I recommend or sell any gemstones or metals?

I don’t suggest gemstones, neither I sell them. However I may suggest wearing some metals, but I don’t sell them either.

Which type of astrology I follow?

I follow Hindu Astrology actually referred as Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). I don’t follow Western astrology, Palmistry, Vaastu Shastra, Numerology or any other things.

Which ayanamsa I use?

Lahiri Ayanamsa

What are the charges for consultation?

Two currency shops are available:-

INR (CLICK HERE) (for people residing in India & booking in Indian Rupees)

USD (CLICK HERE) (for people living in foreign countries & booking in US Dollars)

Do I use divisional charts for analyzing horoscopes?

Yes, I use all divisional charts relevant for a particular type of consultation.

“Specified time period is over. Still I did not receive my consultation.” What to do?

First of all you need not worry at all. Since I receive bookings in bulk in a short period of time & I do not compromise on spending adequate time in properly analyzing & studying each horoscope before jumping onto any conclusions & making any comments. So please kindly wait & have faith, I will get in contact with you when I am done with yours. That’s why I ask for an additional time period of  3-5 days other than the regular time period mentioned on the consultation page. I hope you understand my point. 🙂

“Site shows FULLY BOOKED” what to do?

Even-though I try to as many consultations as possible but there’s a limit to the number of them I can do in a month. So I stop further new booking for few days till I can do the received ones. But you need not worry as you can book consultation for yourself when the bookings reopens. The reopening dates will be mentioned on the consultations page.

Do I do consultations over phone or face to face or through personal meetings?

USD consultations are done through a Video made by me sent via mail.

INR consultations are done over phone & the call recording will be sent via e-mail, after the consultation.

I am NOT doing Face to Face consultations or personal meeting currently.

How can you learn Jyotish from me?

For learning Jyotish you can watch my video lectures uploaded on YouTube. (English & Hindi)

You can also follow me on my Facebook Page and Twitter Handle

How to contact us?

Visit this page – Contact Us.