USD Pricing

All orders made from the USD shop page are served by me in form of Video Call/ Recorded Video mode whereas all INR orders are served over Phone calls.

Prices are listed as follows :-

  • Career/Education/Profession      $59.95
  • Business/Finance                           $59.95
  • Marriage/Relationship                  $59.95
  • Child Birth                                        $59.95
  • Health                                                $59.95
  • Spiritual Life                                     $59.95
Note- I am not doing a “separate full horoscope” analysis as of now. All the relevant aspects of life are covered in the above categories. I have categorised them separately, so that it becomes easier for a person to select specifically & convenient for me to manage. You should order only the ones which you actually need right now. Any category you select will be covered in depth and how that particular field behave in any upcoming or ongoing time period will be analysed in detail.