Astrology Exists!!!

All of us are always keen to know about our future that what will be my life? , will I be able to achieve my goals? , how much will I live? , and many more such questions. Most of are interested to know about our life but take any prediction for granted because of the lack of belief in this great ancient science of astrology. We ask questions with an interest but do not believe in astrology and most of the population now a days think it as time pass, but the truth is very much different from this idiotic thinking, but I do not blame the general population for this disbelief, it is because of the improper knowledge of astrologers and their maintenance of true focus on the earning from this science by looting general public by creating fear of shani, mangal, rahu, ketu, sade saati, etc in them; and due to this malpractice this great science is losing its true value in the eyes of the general population.
In this article I will be discussing the existence of astrology with logic so that our sceptical friends can also have some faith in this science.
So let’s start
The word astrology is made with the combination of the two Greek words astron (star) and logos (study or science). Astrology is the science based on the fundamental principle that human lives had an effect from planets and stars. Astrology is mostly referred as the most ancient subject of study. Its birth roots are found to be 25000 years old. This has started in India when sages like Maharishi Bhrigu, Maharishi Parashara and many others laid its foundation. They began studying the planetary alignments and about various constellations and their effect on this Earth and its people. For study and research the invention of mathematics was done and as the research progressed, astrology expanded its roots towards the other parts of the world.
According to Rig Veda astrology is approximately 90000 years old science. The first roots of astrology reached the kingdom of Sumer and the old artefacts found in Sumer have astrological marks upon them. Sumerians in 6000 B.C. opened the gates of astrology for the western civilization. They built an observatory upon huge minarets to study about planets and constellations and their effect on the lives of the people of the Earth.
In 1920 a researcher named Chodrowski found in his research on Sun that in every 11 years there occurs an atomic explosion on the sun and as earth is directly influenced by the sun rays at all times so this activity on the sun causes disasters, wars and epidemics on earth. Chodrowski has done research on the data of past 700 years to come to this conclusion. This research shows that earth is directly influenced by the activities taking place on the sun.
In the later years a swiss doctor, Parathelise gave a theory that a person gets diseased whenever the bond or coordination between his nakshatra and the nakshatra at the time of his birth breaks. He practically applied this theory to cure his patients because he believed that the disease can be cured but the tendency of the body to acquire a disease can only be cured when the bond of the person with his nakshatra is strong.
Pythagoras has also described, when he was on his tour to India and Egypt, about planetary harmony i.e. the sound waves of the planets which affect our lives.
In 1950, foundation of cosmic chemistry was laid. This branch of science states that this whole universe is a unit body i.e. each and everything that is the part of this universe is associated with each other just like the human body is an assembly of different organs and if something happens in one particular organ then whole body gets effected. In the same way when a star changes in the universe then it affects every other part of the universe and the humans too because we too are the part of this universe. This means that stars do had an effect on us.
It has been found that there is a basic difference between the blood of a male and a female. Blood of females gets thinner during their menstrual cycle and during pregnancy but the blood of males remains constant in consistency. A Japanese doctor, To Mato found in his research that whenever there was an atomic activity on the sun in every 11 years then the blood of males also gets thinner. This implies that sun has an impact on our blood as well.
These researchers found that life on earth surely gets effected by the planets and stars. They did not concluded about any particular individuality.
We know that moon effects sea water and the proportion of salt and water in a human being is same as that of the sea, so moon also effects the human population as well. A human being has 65 % water in his body. It has been seen that at the day of full moon humans get more mentally affected than at the day of new moon. Planets also effect the water component of the human body.
A French scientist Frank Brown found that the people of a particular profession are born in a particular planetary alignment. He concluded this result after researching on 50000 different charts of the people of different professions. This implies that planets do affect us in our lives.
This whole universe is held together with the bond of cosmic energy and each and every planet and star emit its different cosmic rays. These rays are permeable to each and every object and pass over continuously throughout the human bodies also. When a child is born then his DNA gets affected by these rays which differ by the alignment of planets and nakshatras in the sky at that particular time, and the pattern of these rays remains constant throughout his life and the projection of this pattern is done in a 2D form of horoscope. This pattern depends on the time of birth of the child and every soul chooses his time of birth.
This is how we get effected from the planets and stars and hence astrology exists on the basis of sceptical research and theories of great sages and scientists.
I think that if you are reading this article then from now on you will have some faith in astrology and will not think it as a time pass because it is the science that connects you to the timeless and infinite. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.